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How To Turn Your SURGERY From Zero To Hero……

Broadway Plastic Surgery

As he told himself, the technique of liposuction is not typical of the plastic surgery specialty program. This procedure is not taught in any university in as it appears in the program.
With clarity I expose it: it is not of exclusive spring of the plastic surgeons. The doctor who is trained in the procedure can do it.

This is important because in the specialty in plastic surgery is only provided by the Social Security Fund in conjunction with the University of and although the program is “reconstructive plastic surgery”, it is not “cosmetic “, Because when providing the a social medicine we do not know any case of patients that go to the to perform cosmetic procedures. That would be unusual and even.

Now, in his article, the garments are torn justifying his behavior and that of the Plastics, saying that only the Medical Association and the Ministry of Health Broadway Plastic Surgery can determine what is legal. That assertion is false, since who defines what is legal or not, is the Legislative Assembly and, therefore, we have a law that protects the practice of medicine. What the law says is legal and not the interpretations of some as is the case of plastic surgeons.

Broadway Plastic Surgery

For us, the doctors who belong to the Central American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery are clear that what should prevail is the health and well-being of our patients. That is why we work together to be able to give the best of the academic preparation that accredits us as such; It is not up to us to distort the truth or to say it half-way for self-benefit.

Unfortunately, the underlying issue defended by plastic surgeons is not Public Health but instead seems to be the loss of the market. We suggest, with the professional respect of colleagues, that they work and exercise their specialty in what corresponds to them and allow us to develop ourselves in our area with seriousness and professionalism.