Take The Stress Out Of IMMANUEL…..

How often does that happen in all single day and I’m not getting every single day because they don’t have the time and why don’t they have the time because there’s not enough people on the floor there’s not enough is on the floor no time to check on residents incredibly these caregivers aren’t just wiping they’re complaining to a visiting government inspector but the inspector says she’s powerless [Applause] and that is legal because no province has set a minimum ratio of caregivers to residents.

The way there is for other vulnerable populations like what I don’t think is very fair these people built the the society we live in Immanuel today and now they need us more than ever and we’re feeling them we are failing them in a big big way Miranda says is a clear factor in rising abuse and neglect when we’re talking about putting more care into the system we need to talk about more scrubs.

The floor how many staff do you have we need to talk ratios I truly believe that is the answer to so many of our problems problems documented in thousands of government inspection reports a resident dragging another resident who was screaming residents who punch kick and scratch and one who died after being struck by another elderly resident back on hidden camera we want to hear what homes are telling families about staffing on official to warning for getting everybody over.

That there’s three P’s disperse your it’s not perfect on our secure area the ratio is actually my piece of you in my experience when people have gone into long-term care facilities and they ask what is the minimum ratio they say one to eight but that’s not the truth the real story not one province has set a minimum there’s no rule no there’s no rule no law no law no requirement nope but we’re hearing a different story from some care home administrators okay and your a lot that isn’t true there is no allotment no minimums but we hear it again so there is a minimum requirement for X amount of the staff or a resident and we meet those requirements and there’s times that we exceed the minimum requirement so what gives well I mean what are we gonna say to a family that’s coming in on a tour think about that they’re there to sell.